What is sex toys vibrator? VIBE is KING of SEX TOY said sex toys vibrator is a general toy.


What is sex toys vibrator? What is it like?

What is sex toys vibrator? What is it like?

Vibrator is sex toys for women that gives pleasure with vibration. Vibrators sex toys are used to stimulate the clitoris, nipple, breasts, G-Spot, penis and as well as on anal. There are so many type of vibrator. Vibrators are made in phallic shape. It somehow similar like dildos but it has extra vibration properties. Penis shaped sex toy vibrator gives different feeling in the sexual play. There are huge range of vibrators to increase the sensual pleasure on the nerve ends of vagina.

Vibrator are designed in a way that smoothly allow penetration inside the vagina and anus. Sex toys vibrators are available in different shape, size, color and textures. Different textures of sex toys vibrators gives different feeling to the women as well as men. Sex toys vibrators can be used by women, men, lesbian and even by gays. Everyone can achieve orgasm by using vibrators in correct way. Various vibration mode of vibrators gives various level of pleasure in masturbation and sex. Among them, rabbit vibrators are very popular because they can stimulate clitoris at the same time.

How to use sex toys vibrator

How to use sex toys vibrator

Sex toy vibrators can gives you G-Spot orgasm by controlling the level of speed and level of vibration, if you use sex toy vibrators in correct way. First relax your body, take a comfortable position. For a better and best orgasm, start slowly and massage the clitoris with the tip of vibrator. Make sure at first sex toy vibrators is on the low setting i.e. at low vibration mode.

Gently massage it around the vagina, vaginal walls, vulva, clitoris. If you want, you may use lubricant too that you prefer mostly with natural lubrication. Your body take time to feel the vibrator pleasure if you are first timer in sex toy vibrator. Massage or vibration on vagina help you to feel arouse for sexual play.

You mu also use other parts, where you discover your arouse point. After a while, you get familiar with vibrators and now should go for penetration. Allow little penetration with low setting. Gradually increase the level of vibration in the vagina. As level of penetration increase, level of pleasure also increase. Later you can also increase the level of vibration for more pleasure in the G-Spot area.

Points to note about sex toys vibrator

Points to note about sex toys vibrator

The remember points you should know before using the sex toy vibrator:

  • It is strongly suggested, if you are beginner in use of sex toy vibrators, use it yourself on or in the vagina or any other body parts. When you get comfortable, then you take help of your partner.
  • Before use sex toy vibrators, read all instruction that are mention on the packages like how to on/off the vibrators. How to increase or decrease the vibration mode, etc
  • During insertion, check sex toy vibrator carefully. If you find any hole, some cracks or damage on the skin of the vibrators. Do not such type sex toy vibrators.
  • For sexual pleasure, women or men get excited and harm themselves with vibrations. So be careful.
  • Vibration of sex toy vibrator is generated by batteries. You should check that batteries is working properly or not, Is battery fully charged.

Recently sex toys vibrator

Recently sex toys vibrator

The recent highly used sex toy vibrators are:

Strap On Vibrators

Strap on vibrators are made for lesbians and men, straight women also use them. Women and men can wear it around the waist. It gives women a power to penetrate their partner now. These sex toy vibrators mostly remote control, the level of vibration is handled by the attached remote by same person and other person.

Thrusting Vibrators

Thrusting vibrators has strong vibration. It help women for thrusting movement and enhance their sexual life.

Dildo Vibrators

Dildo Vibrators are those vibrators that are made exactly like real penis, that's why it is known as dildo vibrators. These vibrators even has veins, glans and testicles too. Dildo vibrators gives you real pleasure and real touch like a real penis. If you want to fulfill the absence of men, you should try dildo vibrators.

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet sex toy vibrators are highly used sex toy because it is small in size, so it is portable. You can carry bullet vibrator everywhere even in the pocket. Bullet Vibrators also known as pocket vibrators.

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